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Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Gill to anyone. She has helped me on two separate occasions. On both occasions she has listened without judgement, offered reflections and insights, and helped me find a way forwards. I would reach out to her again in a heartbeat.

Best version

Thank you for helping me to be the best version of myself!

Addressed issues

When I first came to see Gill I desperately needed some help as I was unable to sleep and it was making me feel very low and anxious because it had been going on for years. After having sessions with Gill I addressed issues from my past that I had previously suppressed and in doing this I found a way to move forward and my sleep improved dramatically. I am so grateful for the help Gill gave me and I am so glad I have overcome this problem.

Permanent benefits

Thanks once again for your support during my little work ‘hiatus’.  Things have been going quite smoothly since then and I genuinely feel I have gained some permanent benefits.

Never judged me

When I first enquired about counselling I was very nervous and a bit apprehensive, as I had tried a couple of times with a counsellor but it never worked out. Gill never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable. Instead she supported me and helped me guide my way onto the path that I felt I had fallen off. I am so grateful and pleased I made the decision to contact her.